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If Product purchased from our online store then there is no refund policy. 

Order Cancellation:-

Order can be cancelled within 24 hrs or before material dispatched. 

Product Shipping:-

Product will be shipped after 24 hrs of order placement.

Replacement policy:-

Product can be replaced/ repaired as per warranty status. There shall be a charge if product is out of warranty.

The products under scope of supply are warranted against any manufacturing defects due to bad material, faulty design or poor workmanship.
The warranty will not cover the failures caused due to the following reasons:-
a. Damage or defect caused by transportation, accident, misuse, lack of maintenance, improper usage or negligence on the part of Client;
b. Wilful damage or negligence, normal wear and tear;
c. Abuse or misuse of equipment/product;
d. Damage or defect caused by fire, earthquake, flood or other similar natural disasters;
e. Damage or defect caused by alteration, modification, conversion not authorized by Company in writing;
f. Repairs carried out by personnel other than Company's authorized service canters.
g. Defects or damages due to any other external means or causes. Any damage to the system due to Power fluctuation, Surges, Under-voltage
conditions are not covered under warranty.
Power Supply for Control System:
It is recommended from Company to use clean stable power supply for control system. This can be achieved by using stabilizer or Sinusoidal
waveform UPS for Control System and the same shall be in client's scope.
Wifi Control: For Wifi controlling of system client need to install wifi router.
Delivery will be done as per payment terms.
Installation Commissioning and Execution : Depends on site availability.
Client Scope:-
Site Preparation including ceiling, civil and Masonry work.
Provision for suitable Electricity Supply with suitable plugs, socket etc
Cable identification and Termination of the cables laid by Client's Contractor on the Distribution Board etc.


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