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5G has come...
Is your home a Smarthome ?

Control Light, Fan, Tv, Ac, Curtain, Geyser 

etc using touch, remote, mobile & voice command. Access from anywhere in the world.

No rewiring needed

7 days free trail

touch control

Remote Control

Voice Command


10 years guarantee

App Control

Easy Access

With the Right Product,

Great Things Can Happen

Are you still using "Tik-Tok" switches to turn of your room's light ? Let's Change the thing now just say "Alexa ! Turn off lights !" 

Image by Pawel Czerwinski

What We Offer

Our aim is to convert each building into smart building. Each electrical appliances will be digitalized. As this Era is for digitalization then why houses, offices, shops, etc. should be away from this. We are trying to involve these thing also with our products. The best part of this is our products are very affordable. Even cheaper than a Smartphone.



Now you don't need to leave bed to turn off light in midnight. Let Alexa do that task. 

Went for vacation and worried about "who will turn on lights in evening ?" Let scheduling features do that task. 


How many times we construct home in our life ? You don't think that your home also deserve "Digitalization." Our solution is designed for constructed house also. Your current house can also be digitalized 

Retro Futuristic City

Future ready

Our products make your house future ready. 5G has come  already and due to 5G things will get change very fast. Now its your turn how fast you move. If you don't adopt technology people will adopt. 


Family Product

It's a complete family product. Our product are so simple that every age of person can use easily. If you adopt today then you next generation need not to worry about technology in home.   

4M-Bijou by Homenexa

Built for Creatives, by Creatives

A long lasting product that come along with 10 years of unconditional guarantee. The product offer you touch, remote, mobile app & Alexa control that will help you to control lights, fan, tv, ac, curtain, geyser etc. Time scheduling function will control lights automatically when the preset time triggered. Cloud server offer you to control your home from anywhere in the world. You can do mood lighting with RGB & dimming effect. You can set scenes moods according to your lifestyle.

Modular Fitting

No extra wiring

Premium Design

Service & Support

Our seamless service & support make you feel proud. Facing any kind of issue with our product, contact us instantly , our service team will provide you solution instantly. 

Our products are very long lasting and company gives you 10 years of guarantee. In between you find any fault with the product, we will give you another product as replacement.   

You can reach us via Dealer, call, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, website. We are present almost all the platform.   

Explore Our Pricing Options

Pricing of product totally depend on your requirement. Pricing mainly depends on what you want to control and what is the quantity of that. Pricing also depends on the feature you want. We have shared template of pricing that is negotiable. You can contact us and we will design solution for you. We have more than 20 model that is designed according to your need. Choose features wise product whether you want smart touch switches or home automation. Contact us we will calculate the cost for you and suggest you right model. 

  • Free

    7 Days free trail. If you don't like return us.
    Valid for 7 days
    • 4F-compact
    • Remote
    • Wi-Fi chip
    • Home Automation
  • Touch & Remote

    When number of Light Circuit-2, Ac-1, Fan-1
    • 4F-Compact - 5790/-
    • Remote - 500/-
    • Smart Touch Switch

Get Ready to Digitalized Your Home With Our Solution


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